Jim's White Label Affiliate Review Pack Volume One: Thrive Architect

Why Did You Create This New White-Label Affiliate Review Pack?

Reason One: To show my customers the solution I use to create high-converting sales pages like the one you are on now

Reason Two: To give my customers the resources needed to earn income promoting this same solution as an affiliate!

What's Today's Affiliate Review Pack About?

This pack explains the value of landing pages and reviews the landing page builder called Thrive Architect. 

Thrive Architect is the WordPress plugin I use for all my landing pages. 

Thrive pays generous affiliate commissions to their affiliates, and this review pack will help you get them. 

When viewers see the quality of your affiliate review, you'll get the instant credibility and authority that leads to long-term profits online.

Plus, you can sell this review pack to other affiliate marketers and keep all the profits!

How To Use This New Review Pack...

Use it yourself then share it with the world...

You use this review pack in your own business by sharing the content on video sites, social media and your website or blog.

You can also sell the entire review pack away as your own product and keep all the profits.

There is no need to change or modify anything -- it's purely white-label so you can use it as-is if you want!

Collect monthly residual income and bigger affiliate commissions...

Another great way to use this review pack is to add the content to a membership site and collect residual income.

Or use this pack as the perfect bonus to increase your affiliate commissions for other products. 

However you decide to use it, your audience will gain a new respect for your content and you'll start earning more!

What's Inside? Can I See a Sample?

The pack contains a 3-minute video, matching audio, text version and ecover image. The video is in three formats, landscape for websites and blogs, and vertical and square for social media platforms. It is white label and free of branding. Here's a preview of the video:

This Private Offer is for Jim's Past Customers Only...

No other web based tool comes close to the earning power of landing pages created with Thrive Architect.

Now you can share this important information with other marketers and earn Thrive affiliate commissions in the process.

This private offer was produced strictly for my BizWeb eGazette subscribers and past customers.

To minimize copies in circulation, this will be a brief, private event.

There are no upsells or one-time-offers after this page.

Sorry, this sale is now closed.

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