Forget "regular" Affiliate Marketing! Get "Product Creator Profits" Without All The Hard Work...

Are you working your butt off as an affiliate, and getting paid next to nothing?

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From the desk of Jim Daniels

February 2, 2023

You're on my subscriber list. Whether you've been with me 20+ years like some folks, or you're fairly new, hopefully you're familiar with me by now.  

If so, you probably realize I like to do things a bit differently than most so-called Internet marketing gurus.

For a few days every February, I let a small number of my BizWeb eGazette subscribers legally steal some of my future profits.

Let me explain further:

It's no secret that I've perfected a way to make some really good profits online.

If you've been on my list a while, you probably know that my online money method goes like this:

I create two or three in-depth products every year. I work on them for months, so that they really help people who want to earn online.

Inside my products, I show people all the clever money-making tricks I uncover and use myself. And they love it.

When I release my products to the public, they gobble them up like hotcakes.

And hey, it's no secret that anyone could use that same exact method if they wanted to.


The thing is, it probably wouldn't work as well for most folks. 

That's because most people simply don't have the kind of time that I have to do this. I don't have a job. My kids are grown and moved out. I do this for a living.

Most people are simply too busy to spend months creating product after product, then hope that each one sells.

Most people are just trying to make ends meet.

So I figured it's time I let some of my subscribers cash in on all my hard work, by letting them tell others about my products and getting paid 100% commissions.

Why would I do this?

Simple. It will allow me to help more people get their hands on real, solid information. Info that actually helps them, instead of all the scammy push-button riches crap that's out there.

Plus, it will help more of my subscribers actually start earning some decent commissions. After all, there is nothing like the feeling of getting daily commission notices and watching your income grow in your spare time.

I know, because I have been earning a full-time income in my spare time since 1996. Yes, that is the last year I actually had a job. I've been a home-based solopreneur ever since.

I know the strategies that work, and I know which stuff is a waste of time.

You may have found me through a friend or colleague, or if you've been on my list awhile, maybe you saw me in one of these well-known publications...

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It really doesn't matter how long you've been with me, what matters is that you are here now...

So let me ask you an important question:

Would you like a way to help other people get educated about Internet marketing, while getting paid 100% commissions for doing it?

You could do it from home on your computer and basically work when you want. But you'd have to stick with it to get results.

What if you could do everything without spending any money, and I would walk you through it step by step?

Knowing all that, would you at least consider it?

If you answered yes and you're still here, then I'll bet you are curious how this works.

First let me assure you that you would not be telling people about some loophole or get rich quick scheme.

You would only need to share the very same tips and strategies I use to generate income online in my spare time. I'm not filthy rich or anything, but this method does pay all my bills for me and lets me work whenever and wherever I want.

Again, I KNOW this works, because thousands of people have bought my products and continue to do so every day.

I understand that most people want to see proof before they make any decisions, so here is a screenshot showing some of my product sales for the last two years on WarriorPlus . . .

As you can see, that's 3701 sales and over $79,000 in revenue. Not too shabby for one guy working from home, spending absolutely nothing on advertising.

And that's just the WarriorPlus platform. Some of my other products are on JVZoo and Clickbank. But you get the idea. People like my products, and I'm thankful for that. 

(Please understand, I'm not saying you'll get results like this if you join me today, I'm just showing you that my products sell really well.)

What's interesting, is that more than half of those sales in the report above were made by affiliates. These affiliates earned 50% commission from every sale. They made a lot of money, but imagine if they were getting 100% like you can today.

In all, I have created 10 hot-selling products over the last few years, and I sell them via my own sales funnels. Each funnel has just three products. There's a front-end product, a one-time offer and a final offer. 

Starting today, you can get 100% commissions on all of those products.

(Originally, I considered selling Private Label Rights to all these products. But PLR is a hassle for most people, so they never get it monetized. That's because customizing PLR and building sales funnels can be challenging.)


So instead, I'm taking all the work out of the equation, by offering instant affiliate approval and 100% commissions on all my top products and complete sales funnels!

These VIP Partnerships are now available to my BizWeb eGazette subscribers, but only for a few days.

After this special opening, nobody else will be allowed in for at least one year. I may open up more slots next year, but if I do, it will likely be at a higher price or as a paid monthly service.

Why am I doing it this way? 

Simple. I want to limit the number of VIP Partners so it does not create a lot of competition among fellow partners.

Plus, I want to reward my subscribers who've been with me all these years, so they can start earning more online. After all . . .

Earning 100% commissions instead of 3%, 8% or even 50%, can help you...

1. Earn reliable money online
2. Work only when you want to
3. Work from wherever you want
4. Spend more time with family
5. Have more leisure time
6. Worry less about bills

Basically, help you live life the way you want to live it.

(Not sitting in a cubicle 40-60 hours a week like I did a couple decades ago.)

No boss.

No employees.

No stress.

Doesn't that sound nice?

Here Are The Ten Products You Will Earn 100% Commissions On...

Product Number One:

The Buyer's List Method

I've experimented with nearly every way there is to make money online. And I haven't needed a job since 1996. 

In the process, I perfected my Buyer's List Method. This is the method that builds something real and lasting online.


If you used even a small percentage of your spare time growing a buyer's list, your financial situation and your lifestyle could change forever!

In this revealing PDF I explain how anyone can grow their own buyer's list and exactly how to profit from it. It also comes with my printable checklist of daily tasks.

Anyone who desires reliable income online, needs this info, and now you can earn 100% commissions by sharing it with them!

Product Number Two:

Micro Info Product Ideas

In this upsell to my Buyer's List Method PDF, I share multiple ideas for micro info-products.

These simple ideas can be implemented by anyone in their spare time, so they can launch their own funnel and grow a buyer's list of their own!

In fact, they can do it over and over with all the different ideas in this PDF.

Also included are templates that can be used to start each info product, including chapter headings and placeholders where details can be pasted in.

It's a complete package to help anyone short on ideas, get their own product and sales funnel in place in no time flat. And you get 100% from every sale!

Product Number Three:

Fast Money Methods

Hey, not everyone wants to start a full-fledged business online, and this products caters to that massive crowd.

It's my top selling product of 2020, with over 500 copies sold on WarriorPlus. (Not bad for my first WarriorPlus product ever!)

I've just updated it for 2022, and it includes 16 legit ways to earn money with a computer or smartphone in your spare time.

Buyer's love these easy money-making methods they can use to add to their income. Now you can help them do it too, and make 100% commissions in the process!

Product Number Four:

Passive Money Methods

This is the upsell product to my Fast Money PDF listed above.

In this 65 page PDF I reveal 17 no-experience ways to earn passive income with a computer or smartphone.

These are legitimate methods that anyone can use, and they really do work.

Now you can help people uncover these strategies and earn 100% commissions in the process!

Product Number Five:

2023 Affiliate Marketers Master Swipe

For anyone who wants to focus on affiliate marketing as a way to pay the bills, this shortcut is indispensable. 

It's a giant PDF directory of all the top products and services that I promote, 85 in all.

It also includes license to use all the same friendly, non-salesy promos I wrote and use myself. (Hundreds of them!)

This is the stuff that works for me, and it will work for any affiliate who wants to make more money.

And now you can earn 100% commissions simply by telling affiliate marketers about this valuable resource. 

Product Number Six:

2023 BizWeb Blog Post Bundle

What's the number one thing most people struggle with online?

Content creation! 

That's why I put together this giant bundle of over 400 pages of content. It contains all my blog posts from the last few years.

This is the upsell to my Affiliate Marketers Master Swipe file above. 

This content can be used in blogs, membership sites, autoresponders, as video scripts and more.

Anyone who wants a reliable income online, will need really good content. And now you can earn 100% commissions by providing them with that content!

Product Number Seven:

56 Video White Label Training Course

I created this giant video bundle of 56 White Label Videos to help my peeps with all the most important areas of web business.

This is the final upsell to my Affiliate Marketers Master Swipe file above. 

You can sell these videos as your own and keep all the money.

Or simply promote my Affiliate Marketer's Master Swipe and earn 100% commissions on this $67 product in the process!

Product Number Eight:

Funnel Clips

I created this set of short video clips for my own sales funnels. They worked so well I decided to release them to the public.

These plug and play videos upsell customers in a friendly, subtle manner that triggers immediate buy responses.

Funnel videos are a must have for online marketers these days, and now you can offer them and get 100% commissions on every sale!

Product Number Nine:

Funnel Clips Mega-Pack

This upsell to the offer above includes a whopping 40 more funnel clip videos!

This mega-pack of videos are in animation style and they convert like gangbusters.

These are the very videos I use in my own funnels, and they have generated tens of thousands of dollars in upsells and back end sales!

Again, you keep 100% of the profits from every sale.

Product Number Ten:

Funnel Clips Live Actor Pack

This is the final OTO in my Funnel Clips sales funnel. 

This set includes 10 live videos filmed in front of a green screen.

Every video is recorded in live actor format and a set of stunning image and video backgrounds is included with the pack.

And yes, you get 100% commission on every sale.

Bonus Product:

Jim's All Access Product Pass

This is the product I use as the final OTO in three of my sales funnels. Buyers get instant access to all my top products - the very same tools I use every day in my business.

A year's worth of coaching is also included, and yes, you'll get 100% of the profits on this too. (While I do all the coaching!)

Let's Recap What You're Getting -- If You Manage To Squeeze In Before I Close This For The Rest Of The Year...


Instant Affiliate Approval and 100% Commissions

You'll get instant affiliate approval and 100% commissions on all my top products listed at this page. 


Access To Every Product To Use In Your Business

You'll get instant access to all of my top products so you can use them to grow your income online.


Ad Banners and Promos!

I'll provide you with 72 awesome advertising banners in all the best sizes, plus 30 soft-sell promos you can use to get people into the funnels. Here are a few samples so you can see what the banners look like.


Your Own Landing Page!

I've just created this beautiful landing page and PDF giveaway, solely for my VIP Partners. You can copy this instantly into your own autoresponder account in seconds. This will add people to your own email list first, before they go to your 100% commissions affiliate links!


Personal Help and Coaching!

I won't leave you on your own to make those 100% commissions. I'll show you how to get traffic and sales and you'll get my personal help whenever you need it.

Become a VIP Partner Today!

Yes Jim, lock in my slot! I understand that no more members will be allowed once this offer ends for the year in...


You missed out!

I understand that for the one-time signup & setup fee below, I'll get guaranteed affiliate approval and 100% commissions on all your best funnels, access to all your products, your marketing material and your personal guidance. Sign me up as a member of your VIP Partner Program!