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I look forward to helping you make a lot of money by sharing the world's most useful information on Internet marketing. (I'm a bit biased.)

This short yellow section is an overview of how this works.

Please read this overview then use the quick-start guide at the bottom of this page and get started right away!

At this page you can download every product, get your 100% commission affiliate link for each funnel, and download all the promotional material you'll need.

There are basically four funnels, so you will only need to request approval for four front-end products. When you do that, you will automatically be approved for the rest of the products in that funnel.

Below you will see all the products available to you, with action buttons below each. Each product contains a blue download button to download the product. 

The front-end products of each funnel also include a GREEN button to request your 100% commission affiliate link for that funnel.

The yellow buttons are to download marketing material for each funnel.

IMPORTANT: When requesting your affiliate link, be sure to enter JIMSVIP into the notes section. This will tell the system you are to be set at 100% commissions instead of the standard 50%.

Remember, you don't have to download everything right now. Pick one funnel to start with. Download at least the front-end and look it over.

Then get your 100% commission affiliate link and download the promo material. Start sharing the banners and promos wherever you can.

If you have a website or a blog, get those ad banners up onto your blog. If I manage a blog for you, email me and I'll add the banners for you!

If you have an email list, insert your affiliate link into a few promos and send it out.

If you don't have an email list, I've created a landing page you can use to grow your own list! You can copy that right to your own autoresponder account.

You can also share promos and banners on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. If you like to use video, make a quick video to share on youtube and put your link in the description. 

There are lots of ways to get started earning!

And don't worry if you feel overwhelmed. That's normal! I'll walk you through everything in the Quick Start Guide at the bottom of this page. 

Also, don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions along the way.

Jim Daniels

Get Your Products and 100% Commissions Links Below...

Funnel One: The Buyer's List Method

Back End Product to Funnels 1-3: (Automatically approved and added to each funnel!)

Quick-Start Guide:


Request Affiliate Approval and 100% Commissions

Get instant affiliate approval and 100% commissions by clicking the four GREEN buttons above.


Download Every Product To Use In Your Business

Not only do you get to earn 100% commissions from all my products, you'll also get instant access to all of these products. That way you can use them in in your own business to increase your profits! Simply click each of the BLUE download buttons above to get every product. Check them out so you know what you're promoting.


Download Banners & Swipes and Get Started!

Click all four YELLOW buttons above to get the banners and promos for each funnel's front-end product. Then start sharing them along with your affiliate links on your website, blog, in social media and in email!


Copy My Landing Page!

If you'd like to grow your own email list I've made it as simple as possible. Instead of sending people directly to your 100% commission links, send them to this landing page and PDF giveaway I made just for my VIP partners! 

Here's How To Use This Landing Page:

  • Click here to open the landing page, then click the COPY button in the bottom right to corner.
  •  Load it into your own aweber account! (Don't have aweber? It's free up to 500 subscribers!)
  • Add this PDF file link into your welcome email message that goes to your new subscribers!
  • Add my promo swipes into your follow-up series so your subscribers get emails with your 100% links!

   Now you can send leads to your landing page, grow your own list and make 100% commissions!


Contact Me Anytime You Need Help!

I want this to work for you. So if you get stuck on anything, just email me personally at and I'll do my best to help you!