Thank You! Before You Download...
Can I Do Some Of The Work For You?

Now That You Own My Buyer's List Method, I'd Like To Take Some Of The Work Out Of This For You...

The Buyer's List method is not some push button riches scam. It actually WORKS.

That means there is some work involved for you. So at this page, I'd like to offer a bit of a short cut for you.

You can certainly pass on this optional upgrade, but if you want income faster, give it some serious consideration. 

It All Starts With A Few "Micro Info-Products"...

To make the Buyer's List Method work for you, you're going to need to put together a few "micro-info-products". 

I'm not talking about writing an ebook. I'm talking about putting together a short report on something hardly anyone else is writing about.

A micro info-product is simply a short, digital report in the form of a PDF.

And don't worry, it's a pretty simple process. I'll be showing you how to make a micro-product in the Buyer's List Method PDF you bought. 

But the first step when putting together a short report, is the one most people struggle with -- deciding on what topic you'll cover.

If you struggle with creativity or coming up with fresh ideas, that's precisely why I put together this upgrade offer.

At the beginning of every year, I take a week or so and get up to speed on technology...

I research all the newest Internet marketing methods, all the latest ecommerce platforms, small business smartphone apps, and things of this nature.

I do this because these current subjects are perfect for creating micro-info-products.

And micro info-products on the right topics are perfect for growing your buyer's list!

You take one subject, create a micro info-product around it, and use it to siphon buyers off of other marketer's lists!

Again, you'll learn the step-by-step process in your Buyer's List Method PDF that you purchased.

At this page I'd like to give you the opportunity to steal my research!

Most People Simply Don't Have Time To Come Up With Fresh Content Ideas On A Regular Basis.

Which got me thinking... I need to give my best customers an easier way to grow a loyal buyer's list of their own.

So this year I decided to share all my best micro info-product ideas with my customers, instead of using all these ideas for myself...

I'd Like To Invite You To Steal My Best  Micro-Product Ideas and Templates To Use As Your Buyer's List Growing Content.

Hey, w all lead busy lives. Sometimes it feels like there is never enough time in the day.

Who has time to sit down on a regular basis, research an Internet marketing topic and decide if it would make a great micro-product. 

Well, frankly I do! My kids are grown now. I have lots of free time on my hands. And I've been researching ideas like crazy!

But I can't possibly use them all, and frankly...

... It doesn't feel right that all my research is being used only for my own personal gain...

I need to let my best customers use this stuff as if they've come up with the ideas themselves.

So instead of using them all myself, I'm going to let you steal them for yourself...

I Put Together A Simple Solution For Anyone In Need of a Rapidly Growing Buyer's List of their own. Introducing...

Jim Daniels' Micro Info Product Ideas & Templates

I just packaged up all my best micro info-product ideas and put them all in a brand new PDF. I'd like to give you access to them for about a buck each.

If you're the type of person who needs a nudge when it comes to creativity, now you'll never be at a loss for top-quality, buyer's list building, how-to content ideas again. 

Just grab my Micro Info-Product Ideas and Templates and follow these simple steps whenever you need content...

  1.  Open the PDF.
  2. Find an idea you like: Browse through, use the table of contents or the search tool to scan for a topic you want to help people with.
  3. Copy and Paste: Open the included micro-info-product template and copy/paste the section headings for a head start! Fill in each section with content from the web and save as a PDF!
  4. Your micro-info-product is done! Simply implement my Buyer's List Method and start making money with your own buyer' list.

With My Personal Micro-Info-Product Ideas for the Internet Marketing Niche, You'll Be Set Up For Long Term Success.

But I Have to Warn You, There is One Catch...

You are seeing this offer as an OTO on purpose -- because I don't want to share these insider ideas with everyone.

I tucked this file away as an OTO because I want to limit the number of people who see this. I only want action-takers who will actually use the content to grow their buyer's list -- and you just proved that you're one of them by getting my front-end product.

So the catch is this... if you want fresh ideas with the rights to use it as if you'd thought it up all yourself, you need to take action right now. Once you close this page, you'll never see this offer again. ANYWHERE.

Here's What Topics These Micro-Report Ideas Cover:

  • The Newest Ecommerce Platforms
    Everybody knows about shopify, but did you know there are many "post and profit platforms" where small and home businesses literally make millions! In this section you'll discover the under-the-radar, fast rising ecommerce platforms, many I guarantee you or your buyers have never heard of.
  • The Latest Small Business Smartphone Apps
    More and more small and home businesses are doing business on their smartphone. This section shares the top apps that savvy entrepreneurs are using. More people need to know about these time and money saving apps, and now you can tell more people about them.
  • Proven and Cutting Edge Internet Marketing Methods
    There's no bigger demand than the demand to learn new website traffic strategies. This section includes micro info-product ideas in new and proven Internet marketing methods your buyers need to know!
  • Internet Learning and Teaching Platforms
    My guess is that you've heard of Udemy already, but there are many more learning and teaching platforms where thousands of sales are being made daily. Now you can help your buyers plug into these platforms!

You Can Use All These Ideas As If You'd Come Up With Them Yourself...

  • Jim's 30 Best Ideas for Micro-Info-Product Ideas to use as your own.
  • Use the ideas as if you'd come up with them yourself.
  • Paste the ideas into my included info-product template for fast results.
  • Get everything for about a buck per idea - a no-brainer deal!
  • My No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee.


As with all our products, if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, I want to know about it. No clumsy support desk logins necessary, just send me an email at I'll do my best to help you with anything you need, including a full, prompt refund if this purchase is not for you.