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Frequently Asked Support Questions:

Why is there sometimes a long delay when running a prompt?

When the ChatGPT network is busy, it can cause slower response times. The larger the answer being generated, the longer it can take, sometimes up to a minute or more. (Still 100x faster than doing the work yourself!)

Unfortunately, the Turbo 3.5 API my prompt machine is connected to can have longer delays than using ChatGPT directly, because their users get first priority. I expect the response times during high usage to improve as their network is built out to handle more capacity.

In the meantime, here is a simple solution... for the prompts that will generate long responses, such as writing full blog posts, you can simply use my "Copy Prompt" button instead of the "Run Prompt" button, then paste the prompt directly into ChatGPT.

What device and browser should I be using?

While Jim's Prompt Machine will run on a smartphone, it is not the ideal device to use due to screen size limitations. A desktop or laptop computer is recommended for best user experience. As far as browsers go, Google Chrome is the recommended browser but you are welcome to try others if you wish.

How do I request a new prompt for a gig I want to offer?

If you find a freelancing gig you want to offer and fulfill with Jim's Prompt Machine, simply email your request to me at Jim@bizweb2000.com and I will engineer a prompt and add it to the system. Please understand it can take a few hours to build an effective prompt and test it properly, so please give me a few days to get it done!

What upgrades are coming?

I plan to add more prompts regularly including some different sets of prompts for specific niches, so stay tuned! Also, the ability to continue conversations with multi-stage ChatGPT prompts is scheduled for a future update. All updates will be made available for free to current members.

For Support Email: Jim@Bizweb2000.com