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Amazon Affiliate Money How-To...

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Niche Review Blog Money...

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PLR Content can be a great time saver. It can also be a terrible waste of time and money. If you've ever bought PLR content then you know exactly what I mean. You get excited when you see the sales copy, but when you go to use the content, your excitement quickly turns to disappointment.  Here's how my Mega-Pack is different...

Jim's PLR

  • Makes connections with people on a personal level
  • Builds rapport, credibility and trust
  • Current, useful topics that are well researched and well-written
  • Based on Jim's actual marketing experiences, not theory
  • Limited licenses, never oversold

Average PLR

  • Informative yet stale
  • Questionable editing that may need proofreading and re-writing
  • Doesn't connect with people on a personal level
  • Often outdated and not always usable without lots of editing
  • Usually oversold to the masses

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BizWeb2000 Mega Pack PLR - Lite Version

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BizWeb2000 Mega Pack PLR - Lite Version