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Get Access To Jim and All His Top Products...

Lots of my customers have been asking me lately...

"What products of yours should I get if I wanna make my living online, Jim?"  That got me thinking... Why not offer a way to access ALL my top products?

That's what you'll find here. All my top products for one low price. These are the tools I use every day in my business. Now you can use them to grow your profits too!

I'll also give you my personal email address so you can get my help whenever you need it! I've been making my living online for more than two decades. I can help you with ANYTHING related to web income.

Product #1


Online coaching is a very lucrative gig. You can profit from web coaching in practically any niche, and this course shows you how.

You get the main course and the Gold upgrade with 10 training videos. Plus you get resale rights to sell this course as your own.

Total value: $51.95

Product #2

ez Web Business Builder 2

In this giant PDF I reveal every step I've taken to earn my living online for the last 25 years. 

If you're looking for the inside scoop from someone who actually earns their living solely online, this is it. 

Value: $19.95

Product #3

Fast Money Methods

Here's my top selling product of 2020, with over 500 copies sold on WarriorPlus. (Not bad for my first WarriorPlus product ever!)

Inside this PDF you'll find 16 Legit Ways to Earn Money with your Computer or SmartPhone in your Spare Time..

Value: $16.95

Product #4

Passive Money Methods

This is the upsell product to my Fast Money PDF above, also launched in 2020.

In this 65 page PDF I reveal 17 no-experience ways to earn passive income with a computer or smartphone. 

Value: $27

Product #5

Create and Brand with Canva

Here's a complete course showing you how to make money using the free graphic tool called Canva.

You get the PDF and the video lessons, all you need to start a new income stream!

Value: $27

Product #6

Zoom Master

Here's a complete course showing you how to use Zoom to grow your business.

You get the PDF and the video lessons, showing you how to get started with Zoom, how to set up meetings, webinars and more!

Plus, you can sell this course as your own if you want and keep 100% of the profits! (Includes html sales page and download pages.)

Value: $27

Product #7

24 Top Secret Traffic Sources

Every online business needs traffic to survive and thrive. In this pack of 24 videos you'll discover fast, easy traffic methods I guarantee you've never seen.

This product was only available as a bonus and I've never sold it on it's own. 

You even get the rights to sell this product as your own and keep 100% of the profits.

Value: $37

Product #8

Jim's Buyer's List Method

Here's my newest hot-selling PDF revealing every secret to how I build my buyer's list. 

Once you have your own buyer's list, there is no stopping you. With over 500 copies sold, this is a PDF you must read if you want to make it online!

Value: $27

Product #9

Funnel Clips

I created this set of funnel clips for my own sites. They worked so well I decided to release them to the public.

These plug and play videos upsell customers in a friendly, subtle manner that triggers immediate buy responses.

You get access to all six funnel clips plus the rights to sell this product as your own.

Value: $17

Product #10

Funnel Clips Animated Mega Pack

Here's 40 more funnel clip videos for all your funnel needs. These are in animation style and they convert like gangbusters. 

You also get the rights to sell this product as your own and keep 100% of the profits from every sale.

Value: $37

Product #11

Funnel Clips Live Actor Pack

This is the last OTO in my sales funnel. This set includes 10 live videos filmed in front of a green screen.

Every video is recorded in live actor format and a set of stunning image and video backgrounds is included. And yes, they all come with PLR!

Value: $67

Product #12

Social Posters Mega Pack

This is a simple solution for anyone in need of a bigger, more loyal following. It's a Mega Pack of 1,000 Graphically Stunning Social Posters in a wide variety of topics.

Share them On Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and anywhere you want. Simply take a few seconds and post and image daily, then watch your traffic soar!

Value: $27

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