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In a few years, people will look back at 2024 as the year that artificial intelligence went mainstream.

If you're looking to earn online, you don't want to miss out on this technology shift.

And it's not all about AI writing tools like ChatGPT. There's another area of artificial intelligence that smart solopreneurs have started diving into.

The world of AI text-to-image creation is allowing users of tools such as Dall-E, Stable Diffusion and Midjourney to create incredible images. But most people are quickly learning the hard truth...

Creating AI images and monetizing AI images are worlds apart.

For example, ask a popular AI image tool to make an image of an "expert working on a laptop", and you might get something like what I got...

Yikes! What could anyone possibly do with that? 

Of course, with a little trial and error, and learning how to craft detailed prompts, you can get something better, like this...

Not bad, but not something you could easily monetize.

The fact is, to monetize an AI-created image, the picture needs to be eye-poppingly amazing or it needs to contain text, or both.

Images containing text serve a purpose. Think ebook covers, viral social images, and ad banners. Those images all have text and they earn people money every day.

Unfortunately, even the best AI image creation models can't do that yet. You'd need to learn Photoshop or another program to add text to your AI images.

So then, how does the average person start earning real money with AI-generated images?

I have a solution that's going to put you years ahead of everyone else.

Have a peek at this image I just created with my new web-based Image Formulator AI software...

Notice the difference?

That's an AI-generated image that can actually generate income. 

In addition to being visually pleasing and unique, it contains text and serves a purpose.

Here's how I created that image in seconds...

I simply asked my Image Formulator AI software for "a robot creating art on a computer". Then I selected the "futurism" style from the list of 100 artistic styles, and clicked "generate. 

The image magically appeared 10 seconds later, and I added my text using the onboard image editing tool.

With Image Formulator AI, literally anyone can now create income-generating AI images for their own business, or do it for others and get paid.

You don't even need an account at any of those AI image creation sites built for the techies. And you don't need an API key either.

Image Formulator AI can make ebook covers, social media images, ad banners, printable images, amazing art and well, anything your mind can dream up -- all from a single line of text. 

OK, rather than tell you more, I'll have my partner in this venture, Sarah, show you how cool it is. 

Watch below as she makes an image for Facebook, just one of the limitless images you can make with this tool.

Whether you use these awesome AI images yourself, or get paid to make them for others, this might be the most fun you'll ever have while earning online!


Jim Daniels

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12 Reasons To Get Access To This Software...

  1. Brand Building: Unique AI images grow your brand and your business
  2. Create Ebook Covers: Get more sales with original, stunning ecovers
  3. Make Ebook Images: Fill your ebooks with amazing, all-original images
  4. Create Digital Art: Sell your art in online marketplaces or as NFT's!
  5. Get More Clicks: Create eye-catching banners for your blog or website
  6. Go Viral: Gorgeous ads and posts will go viral on Facebook & Instagram
  7. Create Niche Image Sets: Use them yourself or sell to others with PLR
  8. Make "Wow" Profile Pics: Get noticed on Instagram, Facebook and X
  9. YouTube Channel Art: Unique video thumbnails get more clicks!
  10. Create Art For Print: Postcards, photo books, calendars, journals, etc.
  11. Put Your Art on Merchandise: Mugs, T-Shirts, Phone Cases, Tote Bags
  12. Create AI Images For Cash: See below for all the different ways people are earning money with AI images...

AI Artists and Image Designers Are Cashing In...

Get Instant Access Here:

  • Create Images From Simple Text Input With 100+ Image Styles To Choose From
  • Includes Onboard Image Editor To Easily Customize Your Images
  • Pay Once And Get Access To All Features
  • Comes Pre-loaded With Enough Credits to Create 100 AI Images!
  • Add Credits For 50 More Images Anytime You Want for Just $15
  • No Monthly or Annual Recurring Charges

Images Created With Image Formulator AI...

Frequently Asked Questions

What Technology Does This Use?

Image Formulator AI is connected to OpenAI's Dall-E 3.

Do I Need To Sign Up at OpenAi to Use This?

No. You do not need an OpenAI account of your own to use this tool.

Do I Need To Get an API Key To Use This?

No. To spare you all the technical setup and extra expense, Image Formulator AI is connected to my own API key.

Are There Any Monthly Charges?

No. You pay only once to get access to everything. There are no recurring monthly or annual charges.

Is This Tool Credit Based?

Yes. When you purchase access to this software, it comes pre-loaded with enough credits to create 100 ai images, for yourself or for people who pay you for your services. If you use up all your credits, you can purchase credit packs in your account, good for another 50 images anytime, for just $15.

Are There Any Other Fees?

No. You will not incur any monthly or annual charges.

Do I Need To Download Anything?

No. You can access this tool right through your browser. The only thing you download is your finished images.

How Many Images Can I Make?

When you purchase access to this software, it comes pre-loaded with enough credits to create 100 ai images, for yourself or for people who pay you for your services. If you use up all your credits, you can purchase credit packs in your account, good for another 50 images anytime, for just $15.

Why Should I Get This Instead of Just Using Dall-E, Stable Diffusion or Midjourney?

Simple. Creating incredible images requires very specific prompts, and lots of them. Sure, you could learn how to engineer prompts to create decent AI images, download them, and then add text and graphics in Photoshop. But why go it alone and try to figure out how to piece it all together? You can simply use this software and get better results without those expensive, time-consuming hassles.

Do You Offer Any Training or Support?

Of course! This tool is point-and-click simple to use, but I understand some people need a little hand-holding. So I partnered up with my daughter Sarah on this project and she created a series of how-to videos. The videos walk you through different mini-projects such as creating an ebook cover, an ad banner, a social media ad, etc. Plus, we're happy to help you if you ever get stuck.

How Do I Actually Make Money From This?

Lots of ways! For starters, you can use your images for ebook covers, social media, web banners and more. You can even create images for clients at sites like Fiverr and Upwork. In fact, all Charter Members get my brand new ebook written exclusively for this software: AI Image Monetizing Handbook: 12 Ways to Monetize AI-Generated Images!

Does This Tool Work In Any Niche?

Absolutely! You can profit from one niche or many. You can easily create ai images in literally any niche.

Are The Images Editable?

Yes! After the AI is done creating an image, it opens in a full featured editor. You can then add text and edit as you see fit. Then you simply download it as a PNG file when you're done. You can also save it for future use or editing.

Is The Work Outputted Original And Safe To Use?

Yes! OpenAi's Dall-e 3 images come with full commercial rights so you can do as you please with the images you create. 

Will This Be Launched Publicly, and Are There OTO's After This Page?

No, and no. I set this software up for my own needs, and I'm inviting my past customers in during this brief opening. There are no One-Time-Offers after this page. Everything you need to create awesome images using AI is included.