Private Invitation from Jim...

Dear BizWeb eGazette subscriber,

For more than 20 years now, blogging has helped me generate significant profits online.

Many other solopreneurs use blogs for income as well. But most people don't have much success with them, and here's why...

Researching and writing content on a regular basis is hard work. But that's what it takes to get traffic and earn meaningful income.

This constant pressure of staying on the "content treadmill" is precisely why most people who start a blog, never stick with it. 

Heck, I've been guilty of "ghosting" my own blog too!

I sometimes go weeks between posts, even when I see the traffic and income spikes that come from posting content more often.

I know that if I had time to post 3-4 times a week, or every day, I could increase my profits significantly. But who has time to do that?

So I decided to do something about it. I just acquired the rights to a cutting-edge, AI-based blog post creator.

I installed it on my server, connected it to my blog and started testing.

I like the results I've been getting so much, that I decided to invite you to use it too! I'm calling it Content Formulator AI.

This web-based tool writes my blog posts and creates original featured images using AI. It then publishes to my blog via the included WordPress plugin. I can also schedule my posts for future dates. 

A process that used to take me hours of research, writing, editing and posting, now takes just a few minutes. 

Oh, and did I mention that it also creates material to promote my post?

If you want to grow a real online presence and start earning in literally any niche, it has never been as easy as this software makes it. It's like having a full-time staff of researchers and writers working for you!

Now you can finally have your own active blog, pulling in search engine traffic and buyers, without the constant stress of researching and writing new material. 

This AI based software does literally everything for you. Use it for your own blogs or use it to provide content to other bloggers, and earn a recurring fee!

Watch the video below as my software developer shows you exactly how it works...


Jim Daniels

10 Reasons To Use My Content Formulator AI...

  1. Share Expertise: Share knowledge on a topic you're passionate about
  2. Build Authority: Establish credibility and become a recognized expert
  3. Grow Passive Income: Put ads on your blog and earn passive income
  4. Brand Building: Blogs constantly promote your brand or business
  5. Grow Your Email List: Blogs are the perfect place for opt-in pages
  6. Quick Publishing: Turn your thoughts and ideas into content in minutes
  7. Enter New Niches: Create content in any niche, without the research
  8. Get Search Traffic: Blogging regularly attracts search engine traffic
  9. Earn Affiliate Commissions: Target specific affiliate product keywords!
  10. Earn Recurring Income: Provide content for other blog owners, while AI does all the work! See below for how much blog content providers are earning...

Blog Content Providers Are Cleaning Up...

Choose Your Plan & Put Content Formulator AI To Work For You! 

(No Contract, Cancel Anytime.)

Solo Plan

Daily Content For One Blog



  • Connect One Blog Using The Included Plugin
  • AI Creates Daily Blog Posts for One Blog
  • Up to 2000 Words Per Post
  • AI Generated Featured Images
  • AI Generated Social Media and Email Promos
  • Onboard Editor For AI Generated Content
  • Immediate or Scheduled Blog Post Publishing
  • Unlimited Support
Hustler Plan

Daily Content For Up to 4 Blogs



  • Connect Up to 4 Blogs Using The Included Plugin
  • AI Creates Daily Blog Posts for Up to 4 Blogs
  • Up to 2000 Words Per Post
  • AI Generated Featured Images
  • AI Generated Social Media and Email Promos
  • Onboard Editor For AI Generated Content
  • Immediate or Scheduled Blog Post Publishing
  • Unlimited Support
Boss Plan

Unlimited Content, Up to 12 Blogs



  • Connect Up To 12 Blogs Using The Included Plugin
  • AI Creates Unlimited Blog Posts For Up To 12 Blogs
  • Up to 2000 Words Per Post
  • AI Generated Featured Images
  • AI Generated Social Media and Email Promos
  • Onboard Editor For AI Generated Content
  • Immediate or Scheduled Blog Post Publishing
  • Unlimited Support
  • Single Payment Lifetime Deal

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need A WordPress Blog To Use This Tool?

Content Formulator AI creates blog posts using AI tools and connects to your WordPress blog to publish the posts. While you can get all the content without having a blog, to take advantage of the instant publishing feature, you'll need a WordPresss blog on your own domain. However, if you want to offer this service to other WordPress blog owners, you can do that. If you need a blog designed from scratch, we offer that service here.

Do I Need To Download Anything?

No. You can access this tool right through your browser. The only thing you download is the free plugin that connects to your WordPress blog. We show you how to do that and you only have to do it once.

Is This Easy To Set Up And Use?

Setup is simple, whether you're 18 or 88. In fact, if you have any trouble, email me and I'll set it up for you! And using it is even simpler! You log in, tell the formulator what you want for content, then click a button. AI does all the work for you, then you click another button to publish your blog post. It even creates promotional material you can use to get traffic to your post!

How Many Blog Posts Can I Create and How Long Can They be?

Your blog posts can be up to 2,000 words long (great for SEO!) and you can create and post every day if you want. With the Boss plan you can create as many posts as you want, for yourself or for people who pay you for your services.

Is This A Credit Based System?

No. You may have noticed that most AI based systems are credit based, so you have to continuously buy credits to use the system. I decided to keep it simple to eliminate the added hassle and expense of buying credits.

Do I Need To Sign Up at ChatGPT to Use This?

No. You do not need a ChatGPT account of your own to use this tool.

Do I Need To Get an API Key To Use This?

No. To spare you all the technical setup and extra expense, you'll be using my API key.

Are There Any Other Fees?

No. Unlike many other OpenAI powered saas platforms, you will not incur any usage charges, no matter how many blog posts you create. However if you share your login with another user, or abuse the system, you will lose your login. That's because OpenAI charges my own account every time you create a post.

Why Should I Get This Instead of Just Using ChatGPT?

Simple. Creating complete blog posts with featured images using ChatGPT and the Image AI tool we connect to, requires very specific prompts. Instead of trying to figure out how to piece it all together, you can simply use this tool and publish the AI generated posts to your blog with one click!

How Do I Actually Make Money From This?

Lots of ways! For starters, when you blog 3-4 times a week or more, search engine spiders visit your blog more often and index your content. That means better search ranking for all the keywords you want to target. More traffic means more buyers for your products, services and affiliate links. You can even create offer blog article writing services and blog management at sites like Fiverr and Upwork. (See images above for what people are paying for this!)

Does This Tool Work In Any Niche?

Absolutely! You can profit from one niche or many. That's the beauty of AI, it is an expert in every niche ppssible! That means you can easily create blog posts in literally any niche you may be interested in.

How Many Blogs Can I Connect To My Content Formulator Account?

You can connect up to 12 WordPress blogs including your own blogs or client blogs, depending on the package you choose.

Are The Blog Posts Editable and Can I Add Images?

Yes, and yes! After the AI is done creating the blog post, it opens in a full featured text editor. You can then edit text and add images as you see fit. You can also have the Content Formulator create a featured image for your post, to match your content.  

Does This Tool Create Mass Posts At Once?

No. This is not a tool for spamming AI generated content. It creates a single post on any topic, in any niche, each time you ask for it. You can then edit as you see fit, add an AI created featured image, and post to your blog immediately or schedule it. The onboard editor also lets you inject personal thoughts or comments into each post as you see fit. The "humanizing" technique gets you better ranking in search engines!

Is The Work Outputted Original And Safe To Use?

Yes! Artificial intelligence writes using NLG (Natural Language Generation) to choose words, construct phrases, and put together sentences. The resulting text is not copied or plagiarized from others. You can run your content through Copyscape or and they will be plagiarism free. 

Why Does This Cost More Than Your Other AI Solutions?

You may have seen my Freelancer's Prompt Machine or eBook Creation Software at slightly lower prices. This one uses more resources since the AI creates images as well as text. So to offset the extra costs incurred on my accounts, I've priced it slightly higher.

Are There Any OTO's After This Page?

Nope. This is it. You get access to the exact content creation software I use myself. 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing software, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with me by email and I'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

30 Days