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How To Use Affiliate Formulator:

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Frequently Asked Support Questions:

For Support Email: Jim@Bizweb2000.com

Do I Need To Download Anything?

No. You can access this tool right through your browser.

Do I Need To Sign Up at ChatGPT to Use This?

No. You do not need a ChatGPT account of your own to use this tool.

Do I Need To Get an API Key To Use This?

No. To spare you all the technical setup and extra expense, you'll be using my API key.

How Many Affiliate Products Can I Promote With This?

As many as you want! Most affiliate run a campaign every week or two. Your initial credits should last you six months to a year or longer, depending on how many affiliate campaigns you run. 

Is This A Credit Based System?

Yes. Rather than pay a monthly fee, you can simply purchase more credits whenever you want, right through the web-based app. Credits never expire. 

Why Should I Get This Instead of Just Using ChatGPT?

Simple. Creating complete affiliate campaigns using ChatGPT requires many very specific prompts. Instead of trying to figure out how to piece it all together, you can simply use this tool and you'll even get your bonuses done for you too!

Does This Tool Work In Any Niche?

This tool was built to work in literally any niche since it is AI based. We even have done-for-you bonuses for lots of other niches besides Internet business related products and services. Here are some from the drop-down list inside the software...

Is the Material it Creates for me Editable?

Yes! After the AI is done creating your campaign, it opens in a full featured text editor. You can then edit text as you see fit.

Is The Work Outputted Original And Safe To Use?

Yes! Artificial intelligence writes using NLG (Natural Language Generation) to choose words, construct phrases, and put together sentences. The resulting text is not copied or plagiarized from others. You can run your content through Copyscape or Originality.ai and they will be plagiarism free. 

How Do I Set The Number Of Days For My Campaign?

With the newest update, there is no need to set the number of days, as the system will automatically build a campaign for you based on the affiliate product or service you are promoting.